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Well the lovely United States Government has decided that I should only receive 850 dollars in grants for college.   I had someone comment that this could be from me taking classes via the internet.  This is not the case at all.  I checked in to some Jr. Colleges and it was going to be the same amount of funding accept for at jr. college I would have had the opp for a map grant which came back at $0 dollars.  Lovely, right?  I thought so.  Thankfully it is pretty easy to get school loans.  In my case, having bad credit apparently does not matter in the case of school loans.   This is a good and bad thing.  I seriously did not want to be taking out a loan, but for the sake of desperately needing a degree, it is a must.  I will not even go into detail on how much of a loan I have to take out.  Apparently will dealing with a private institution it is very expensive.  I just have to keep tellling myself it will be all worth it. 

Anyone know of a good price on a SLR Digital Camera w/ at least 10.2 mp, w/ at least one lense.?
Best finds so far are a Canon Rebel 10.1 mp SLR for $550 at best buy
I do not necessarily need a brand new one, but would at least not from someone I do not know. 

another wednesday

I have been on a mad crafting spree.  So far this week I have made a bag, a set of hp clay minis, a shadowbox of the 3 broomsticks, and a handsewn hermione granger doll.  I still have lots of finishing touches to make on each thing but they are mostly there.  I think this is some of the best stuff I have made so far.  I will post pics later so you can see some things.  I dont want to post it all till it is all finished because it will look like crap not all put-together like.  

On another note,  I went to Six Flags with 2 cousins, sister, and one of thier in-laws.  We had a pretty good time and no one was burnt to a crisp.  It was about 100 degrees ++.  We did learn our lesson - " Dont wear jean shorts when you ride water rides" - they never dry!  Most of us went around all day with wet shorts - not our greatest moment but still over all a great time was had at the park.   We ended up getting season passes for 36 dollars and it included that day, so we can go 5 more times !!!!  I think for my bday some of us are going to go to Fright NIght.  So anyone interested wanting to head to the Oct. 3 fright night hit me up.  So far there are a few of us going.   Since I am turning 30 I wanted to do something decently fun and sort of Halloweenie.   I think there will also be a Dave and Busters trip somewhere in the mix before then if I can get the funds together.  

School starts on the 9th and I have no idea how much aid I am getting yet.  It is making me nervous.  I hope I find out soon or there will be no hope of being able to continue school this coming semester.   I really am looking forward to going back!

Is july already over!

Well it seems I havent written in LJ for about a month.   I have been busy with family stuff and just everyday life.  Sometimes I just have the time but forget to or it gets placed somewhere else along the web.  I guess I will throw in a few updates about a few projects and everyday things. 
   First off,  I am enrolled in College!   There will finally be some initiative taken to get myself back to better my life.  Hopefully this means there will be at least an associates degree on my wall in the near future for Graphics Design/Multimedia.   We will see! 
   In swap news,  I am now finished with the Anime Swap and recieved a great package from TwistedTruth.  I opened up the box and was astonished at her handywork.  Box Contents - Kon crotched hat- from bleach ,  Bankai - bookmark, Fruitsbasket bookmar, and a really cool cross stitch hollow mask !   I was impressed to say the least.   I sent her stuff of early a few weeks back.  She recieved an L. Shadowbox, magnets w/ box, an anime love jewerly box, and some bleach SD charms.   I think that was the majority of things.  I will try to post pics when I can. 

In other swap news, I have joined the Harry Potter Swap 6 and am bursting with ideas on projects.  Now I just need the time and ideas to pop out onto the craft table.   I am not quite sure what I will do for this project but a few ideas are as follows:  miniature cut scene box with shelves of diagon alley, hogsmeade (3 broomsticks) ,  maybe inside of a room in hogswarts,  poly clay characters, wand, dumbledoor bag, sew to gether purse, etc.  Its all still rough drafts and I am working on  what I need etc. 

In family news, there was a visit from Kaya and Avery and we celebrated their birthdays!  I think they had a good trip.   Jason also took me and eric to Gatlinburg.  I think I posted some on this and pics.   Other than that there were family reunions, etc going on.


4th Of July Was....

The 4th turned out to be a great time with a few friends and mostly family out in the heart of Sunfield.  It has a been a long weekend and I probably wont say to much more other than there should be more weekends like this one was!

Well it was a great party and now its time to start getting ready for the 4th of july.  The fireworks are bought, most of the food also, and now it just has to be thrown together.   Its not like I dont have a few days before I have to do anything.   I am pretty excited. 
Last night was the Birthday party I used the Pinata at.  We had a great time and no one walked away bored.  (at least that i know of).   Everything went well and clean up was a breeze- thank GOd! 
I have a link to the tutorial of my pinata http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=311053.msg3572516#msg3572516 .  I  am pretty wore out.  I spent most of the day cleaning up the weeds around the garden.   I really hate weeding!  It blows!   I do love growing things and getting to reap the rewards though.  

I managed to somehow wash the bf's mp3 player tonight.  I guess I am gonna have to either give him mine or try to figure out a way to round up some money for a new one!   It sucks!  Dang pants with a crapload of pockets!
We went to get fireworks yesterday in Missouri.  It was an alright trip.....temperatures were sizzling and it was definetly a sweaty time.  So far there are around$ 500+ fireworks sitting next door.  THis year is going to be the biggest display our family has ever put on.  I am pretty excited.  We  have a ton of those mortars and lots of fountains.  I would say we could compete heavily with the city wide fireworks display!   My cousins just went way overboard with it this year!  I am practically falling over the keyboard typing I am so sleepy. 
My week long project is finally coming to an end tomorrow.  I finally finished my Manilow pinata.  I really hope it works out ok.  I cut the hole in the top tonight and it still felt a bit damp on the inside!  Maybe since it has the hole it will dry out for the festivities tomorrow night.  We are having the surprise party tomorrow in my front yard.  I get to wake up tomorrow and start throwing out the "CopaCabana Extravaganza".   I kind of was in a bit of mental termoil earlier.  Apparently, my parent's anniversary is tomorrow, which happens to be my cousin jimmys birthday (and another friend of mines and oh another friend of mine) and I am having this party here.  It slipped my mind the date of there anniversary and now half my family is going to eat in Carbondale to celebrate.  I instead will be entertaining at the party.  Its okay but I hope the parents didnt get there feelings hurt that I was unable to attend.   I am sure we will probably end up throwing them a family / friend party anyways down the road if time doesnt prevent us from doing so. 

Well tiredd is setting in!

Well it is day 4 and things are looking more put together.  I finally got him painted up and put his clothes and face on.  I was considering sewing an outfit and going all out, but you know that it would just end up smacked into a million pieces anyways.  I decided to sacrifice a lot of details since he is going to be filled with some crazy stuff and broken sooooon.   Hope you like him!   I  went with a blue 70's suit and a beautiful brown scarf (since that was the paint that was available less i woulda went with black)   I still think I might but some hair on him to make him look like more of a Manilow 1970's era singer.   We will see.  The only thing I know is that I am finished with this project for tonight!   Enjoy the pics! 

barry manilow pinata update 2

Here is your day 3 update 2. I am not to much further because when it comes to pinatas dry time takes foreverrrrrrrrrrr! I did get it painted/primed white just to cover up the newspaper look. I think I will be painting on a barry face, maybe a tuxedo aka penguin suit. I not sure if i will do yellow yarn hair or yellow paint. Waking up in the am to go get more fireworks for the big shindig 4th of july cousin party next door. So hopefully after driving to missouri and frying out in the 100 degree weather I will have enough creative juices to conquer this paintjob or at least get it started out. I only have until Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to have it done Sunday night if possible, but hey i will have to take a break to watch trueblood!